Hi, my name is Musa!

I"m a self-taught front-end developer based in Brussels. I have started learning HTML and later PHP and MySQL back in 2005 (I still remember you, PHPNuke and Invision Power Board!).

After studying Law and Political Science in Brussels, I have worked in journalism, politics, high-level political event management, hospitality management and international education.

I later decided to return to web development in March 2020 by learning Javascript and transitioning to React JS and Next.JS later.

I have lived in Azerbaijan, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Spain.

My passions are all things tech, reading, photography (both digital and analogue), travel and outdoor activities.

Here are the technologies I have been working with for the last years:

  1. JavaScript (ES6+)
  2. TypeScript
  3. React JS
  4. Next.JS
  5. Tailwind CSS
  6. SASS
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